Porsche 959 Pastel Artwork


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When these were new,  Bill gates bought one and kept it in storage for 13 years, before congress passed the 1999 ”show and display” law allowing him to legally drive his on the street.  That is how much of a technological leap this car undertook in the late 80’s. And back in 2018, i was at the SEMA headquarters in Brea and happened upon this beauty, & the rarity of these cars, coupled with the impeccable condition of that particular example compelled me to draw this piece. I had the time of my life getting this one finished, and all though its been nice having it in my collection for the past year, its time for this one to receive a new home.

The piece has been drawn on sturdy, professional grade paper and will never fade due to the dry nature of soft pastels. As with all of my work, this one can be shipped anywhere in the world & arrives sandwiched between two sturdy cardboard slats, in padded packaging. Framing can also be provided for an additional fee of $35.

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Dimensions 18 × 12 in


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